We at Dubai Astronomy Group encourage and provide opportunities that enhance creative thinking we hope to develop the knowledge and skill set of our children for a better future of our nation.

Our Services


We will conduct Telescopic Observation sessions where we will assist you in observing celestial bodies, be it observing the Sun during the day or observing the stars during the night


Our workshops have been designed to provide the children with Hands On Experience in different areas of Astronomy, be it creating your own Telescope or learning to navigate through the night sky


Our overnight camping trips are planned in a manner that it gives a knowledgeable experience, while being a fun outdoor experience for the students

Stargazing Party

With substantial experience in the field of Science & Astronomy we plan these stargazing parties to provide a learning & educational experience.

Planetarium Shows

We can bring the universe to your fingertips through our Planetarium Shows and can be enjoyed by all age groups anytime day or night.

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