Astronomy Self Learning Course

We are all interested in astronomy, which is really why we are here on this website! And yes, we have always wanted to learn more, but either it wasn’t the right time, or there were other commitments or it was too far … or all of the above. Now, Dubai Astronomy Group is bringing you a basic crash course of astronomy to the comfort of your home. Once you sign up for the program, we will be sharing a series of videos that we have gathered from around the internet.

Following you will find more details about the topics that will be covered

  1. Introduction to Astronomy
  2. Naked Eye Stargazing
  3. Cycles in the Sky
  4. Eclipses
  5. Telescopes
  6. Gravity
  7. Tides
  8. Solar System
    1. The planets
    2. Asteroids
    3. Comets
    4. The Oort Cloud
    5. Meteors
  9. Light
  10. Distances
  11. Stars
  12. Exoplanets
  13. Brown Dwarfs
  14. Low Mass Stars
  15. White Dwarfs and Planetary Nebulae
  16. High Mass Stars
  17. Neutron Stars
  18. Black Holes
  19. Binary and Multiple Stars
  20. Star Clusters
  21. Nebulae
  22. Our galaxy – The Milky Way
  23. Galaxies
  24. Gamma Ray Bursts
  25. Dark Matter
  26. The Big Bang – Cosmology
  27. Dark Energy – Cosmology
  28. A brief History of the Universe

You can go through the videos at the comfort of your home, or you can visit Al Thuraya Astronomy Center to view them, where we also have books that you can refer to, telescopes that you can use for observation and much more. To add on to that, you will also have the support to ask any question or thing you have difficulty with till you complete the program.

You can complete the program anytime within one year’s time at which point we will issue you a form of assessment that will show you more than anyone else where you stand. Please note that this is not a test or an examination and we encourage you to review the videos if you get stuck somewhere in the assessment. There will be option to participate in DAG running or new project you complete which will add extra element of practical astronomy and enjoyment of achievement. Once you have cleared the assessment and are satisfied with your progress, Dubai Astronomy Group will issue you a certificate acknowledging the successful completion of the Basic Astronomy Program.

We will support you through the program with:

  • Videos at our center
  • Books as reference and further reading
  • Ask specialist
  • Observe with telescope – practical works
  • Planetarium show to sum up all information
  • Assessment with option of project

Course Fees:

  • AED 500/- per person
  • For DAG Members- AED 350/-