In the year 2000, Dubai Astronomy Group started out as a vision. A vision to encourage and promote astronomy in the Middle East and beyond. Today, true to its course, Dubai Astronomy Group has grown in size and stature with over 5000 followers and has touched the lifes of many more. Time and again, we are asked “Why astronomy?” Its because “We believe…”


About Our Sponsorship

We invite you to come and join hands with us, be part of this family and move towards the future. Dubai Astronomy Group is your gateway to the Universe

We believe that astronomy is what unifies people around the world, from different backgrounds and different life experiences. Everyone has at some point in their lives looked at the glory of the night sky and wondered about the mysteries it holds within. We believe that by understanding the Universe around us, we better understand ourselves, our existence, our significance, our place in this unimaginably vast Universe. We believe that being the mother of all sciences, astronomy not only gives us a better understanding of our history, our heritage, our roots, but also paves the way towards the development of a lively and optimistic future.

In its current capacity, as consultant and specialist in its field, the Dubai Astronomy Group enjoys a variety of relationships at senior government and private sector’s levels. The Group is involved in a number of high profile infrastructure and future tourism projects, such as the Al Marsad project, the Thuraya Astronomy Center project and others.

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Benefits of Sponsorship

Besides sponoring the promotion of astronomy and education, there are several benefits that come along with the sponsorship packages:


  • Logo recognition by classification website and events
  • Logo recognition and general recognition in our newsletters, magazines, general publications, social media etc.
  • Certificate of recognition
  • & more…


  • Opportunity to speak and promote the sponsor at up to DAG major events
  • Opportunity to setup a stall at DAG major events
  • Opportunity to advertise themselves on our website, newsletters, magazines, etc. 
  • & more…


  • Special seating area for guests from the sponsor at DAG major events
  • Free corporate level activities
  • Promotion of sponsor at our weekly forums & outdoor observations
  • & more…

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