Stellarvue SVX080T-25SV Premier Apochromatic Triplet Refractor with Celestron EQ5 Mount


Width:24.00 (in)

Height:18.00 (in)

Depth:12.00 (in)


Product Dimensions39 x 26 x 12 inches
Item Weight50 pounds
Shipping Weight50 pounds
Item model number91519


This is the Stellarvue 80 mm f-6 apo triplet made using our deluxe 2.5″ dual speed, rack and pinion focuser. It uses the sharpest and highest contrast 80 mm apochromatic triplet lens we have ever offered. The focuser is threaded for photographic field flatteners sold below and has 1 1/4” and 2” compression ring visual adapters. This telescope also comes with heavy duty dual rings and a C19 heavy duty travel case. This is not a mass-produced scope using inferior glass and sloppy mechanics. This is a truly premier 80mm apo.

It is well known that the Stellarvue 80 mm triplet is one of the highest rated 80 mm telescopes on the market. With that being said, we have taken the optical accuracy even higher in this new SVX series! These are the telescopes to buy if you wish to view the universe both visually and photographically. SVX series Apochromatic Telescopes use objectives that have the highest optical ratings as measured and documented on our Zygo Phase-Shifting Laser Interferometer. SVX series optics are rated at .98 – .996 Strehl with excellent optical correction for aberrations commonly seen in mass produced optics. To attain this level of optical accuracy it is usually necessary for us to go beyond machine polishing. Special tools are made and experienced opticians hand figure objectives here in our optical shop in Auburn California. While our former models (without the X designation) were all excellent coming in at .95 Strehl or higher, SVX series telescopes are even more exceptional, placing 98 – 99% of the light precisely where it should be. Stellarvue Premier (X) Series refractors are for the astronomer who recognizes the best when they see it. Each SVX series refractor comes with a Zygo interferometric test report taken in our shop, documenting the accuracy of your objective!

The Stellarvue SVX80ST-25SV features an 80 mm f-6 (480 mm focal length) fully multi-coated, 3 element objective lens with an Ohara FPL-53 center element.

Fully multicoated apo triplet objective: The high Strehl, apochromatic triplet objective has optical accuracy far above our former Russian made lenses. We are now taking the time to provide interferometric test reports with each of our triplet refractors showing how the lens in your telescope actually performs. These lenses are far above the .95 Strehl standard and it means your telescope will perform perfectly.



Stellarvue 80 mm Apo Triplet lens using an Ohara FPL-53 center element. SVX .98 or higher Strehl, Zygo test report included. 80mm clear aperture, 480 mm focal length (F-6)

Lightweight aluminum tube and dew shield in Instrument White

The main tube is 90 mm in diameter. The complete telescope is 18 3/4” long with dew shield extended and 16” long when retracted.

The optical tube assembly weighs about 5.8 lbs. The dual rings weigh about 1.2 pounds total.

2.5″ dual speed Stellarvue rack and pinion focuser with 2″ and 1.25″ compression ring adapters. May be used with SFF3 flattener but not with the SFFR-74X reducer.

4″ (102 mm) diameter fully retracting dewshield with cap

Optional. We carry the F001 red dot finder and the F002 multi reticle finder.

Optional. We carry the TP14 rail for telescope mounts using the Vixen style rail or use the optional TP6 for mounts that use the larger Losmandy style rail.

Stellarvue R90SET precision hinged rings. Each ring has five 1/4-20 holes top and bottom with one in the center and two spaced 1.5” and 60mm apart.

The SV080ST comes with a thickly padded, C20 airline carry-on case. Outside dimensions: 22″ x 9.5″ X 7.5″. Inside dimensions: 19.5″ X 6″ X 5″.

Optional. Please note, you can purchase our 2″ Quartz Dielectric diagonal upgrade for only $199 (click option above). The upgrade diagonal is the same as the D1040Q deluxe dielectric diagonal but it does not come with a 1.25″ adapter since the telescope already has

Optional SFF3-80

LIGHT GAIN: 131x (human eye = 1)

THEORETICAL RESOLUTION: 1.5 arc sec (Dawes Limit)

Image Circle with 2.5″ Focuser and SFF3: 28.4mm

Image Circle with 2.5″ Focuser and flattener: 26.7mm


Quick Overview Integer gear ratios and permanently programmable Periodic Error Correction eliminates recurring track errors from the worm gear. New motors offer improved tracking performance & provide more power to overcome load imbalances Updated industrial design offers more rigidity, less flexure and improved aesthetics New design allows viewing or imaging across the meridian without interference from the motors housings Improved latitude range. Can be used between 7 – 77 degrees latitude. Improved electronics with increased memory for future expansion NexStar+ hand control offers multiple language programming (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish)


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