Meade ETX-90 PE Premiere Edition 3.5″/90mm


    Manufactured entirely at Meade’s Irvine, California facilities
    • Viewing is at a 90° angle, with the images being upright (

though laterally reversed

    Incredibly fast scope alignments thanks to electronic level & magnetic north sensors
    Spiffy dramatic exterior treatment
    Included basic CD-ROM includes sky maps which can be printed for study


The Meade ETX-90 Premiere Edition makes your evening of stargazing spent more at the eyepiece than anywhere else. Thanks to electronic sensors for levelling and determining magnetic north, the process of getting your scope ready to hunt for celestial objects is dramatically shortened. You merely enter your location (in longitude & latitude) or your USA zip code and the machine does the rest, pointing to the first alignment star which you use to finetune your position.

The electronic controller can be used at four dual-axis speeds: 8x sidereal (for image centering at high power), 32x (for image centering at lower power), slow mode (for viewfinder image centering or terrestrial use) or medium speed (for fast sky slewing). The observer can instantly select any of these speeds simply by depressing the “speed” button on the controller.

UHTC Ultra High Transmission Coatings are an important feature to optimize the performance of your Meade telescope. Technologies developed at the Meade Irvine coatings facility have improved the visual and photographic performance of Meade telescopes. The UHTC coatings, employed upon all optical surfaces, result in a 20% decrease in light loss and a dramatic enhancement in detail of deep space objects.


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