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Al Thuraya Astronomy Center
Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Mushrif Park - Dubai


26 - 27 Feb 2021


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Sky & Telescope Workshop

Learning about astronomy, the night sky, and telescopes can be daunting and intimidating as a beginner due to the huge amount of information there is! We have designed an in-depth 2-day program where anyone can learn astronomy in a simplified and organized manner.
This course covers all the topics you need to know before you start your journey exploring the field of astronomy!
Whether you are an absolute novice, a telescope user, or an Astrophotographer, you will get to learn something new in this workshop. This will be a highly interactive workshop where you will learn new techniques, theories, equipment, and more.
• Date: 26th & 27th Feb, 2021
• Time: 4pm – 8pm
• Location: Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Mushrif Park – Dubai
• Ages: ages above 13
• Fees:
– AED 850/- per person
– AED 650/- for DAG Members
PART ONE – Brief History of Understanding the Universe
– Prehistoric Era
– Greeks
– Pre-Telescope Instruments
– Post Telescope Era
– Twentieth-Century Astronomy
– Present Picture of the Universe
PART TWO – Sky & Telescope
– Geocentric view of the sky
– Terminologies for an Astro-observer
– Why we really need a telescope?
– Different types of Telescopes
– How does a Telescope work?
PART THREE – Astro-Imaging: Techniques and Practices
– Difference between Regular imaging and Astronomy Imaging
– Basic Terminologies for an Astro-Imager
– Tools and Techniques
– Equipment and Software
– Science of Making an Astro-Image
– General Workflow at an Observatory
• You are required to bring a laptop with you for the course.
• Please show your camp ticket at the park gate for free entrance.
• Masks are MANDATORY!
• Social distancing must be practiced at all times.
• Tickets for this camp are LIMITED!
Please bring the hard copy or soft copy of the event ticket email to ensure a smooth and fast check-in.
• Dubai Astronomy Group paid members are requested to bring their membership ID card to be presented upon request.