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Al Thuraya Astronomy Center
Al Thuraya Astronomy Center, Mushrif Park - Dubai


01 - 10 Apr 2021


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Mars Spring Camp 2021

A Spring Camp about Planet Mars and the UAE’s historical mission the Hope Probe. We have exciting, fun, and highly educational programs designed for your kids!

Blast-off on a 10-day journey of discovering the Red Planet! From learning how to be an astronaut to building a habitat on Mars. This camp is a one-of-a-kind unforgettable experience for young aspiring scientists!

DAG Member/Sibling/Friend discount available*


  • Ages: 6 – 15
  • Fees:
    • AED 2500/- per student
    • AED 2000/- for DAG Members

Camp Program: 

Day 1: Intro to Mars

  • Introduction Ball Name Game
  • Why Mars? Lecture
  • Tour of Al Thuraya Center
  • Planetarium Show
  • Telescope Observation

Day 2: Mission to Mars

  • How to Reach Mars? (The race to reach Mars) & Mars Missions
  • Mission Design (Plan your mission)
  • Build/Design your Mars Probe (Orbiter, Lander, Rover)
  • Metal Models

Day 3: Astronauts

  • How to be An Astronaut? Lecture
  • Astronaut Training
  • How to Make Space food?
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • VR International Space Station/Docking Game

Day 4: Rockets

  • How Do We Launch Things Into Space? Lecture (Rocket Science)
  • Launching Air/Water Rockets
  • Straw Rockets
  • Paper Models (Build A Rocket)
  • Satellites Engineering Basics

Day 5: The Journey and Landing

  • Journey to Mars Lecture
  • Landing on Mars
  • Land a Drone On The Target Activity
  • Xbox Mars Landing Game
  • Design a Parachute

Day 6: Living on Mars

  • Challenges On Mars Lecture
  • Build a Habitat on Mars
  • Mapping/Exploring Mars and It’s Surface
  • 3D Printing on Mars

Day 7: Energy on Mars

  • Solar Observation
  • How to Create Energy on Mars? Lecture
  • Solar Robotics (Solar rover)
  • Creating Sundial

Day 8: Geology on Mars

  • Meteorite Course
  • Meteorite Hunting
  • Martian Geology (Volcanos)
  • Agriculture on Mars (How to Grow Food on Mars)

Day 9: Robots on Mars?

  • AI and The Future of Technology
  • Robotics Course (Robotic Arm)
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Looking for Life Experiments

Day 10: The Future

  • Are We Alone? Life on Mars
  • The Future of Space Colonization
  • Design Your Alien
  • Trivia and Contests
  • Awards Ceremony

Important Information:

  • Please show your camp ticket at the park gate for free entrance.
  • Masks are MANDATORY!
  • Food/snacks won’t be provided by us so please make sure to pack some snacks with the students.
  • Social distancing must be practiced at all times.
  • Tickets for this camp are limited!
  • Please bring the hard copy or soft copy of the event ticket email to ensure a smooth and fast check-in.
  • Dubai Astronomy Group paid members are requested to bring their membership ID card to be presented upon request.