The Dubai Space and Astronomy Festival is the first of its kind annual festival celebrating all things astronomy and space! The festival brings together people from all walks of life for fun filled activities for all ages!


In a time and age when science, space and astronomy are considered best left to the scientists, we at Dubai Astronomy Group would like to bring you astronomy and space in a flavor like never before. We want you to come down and celebrate the grandeur of this Universe… and your imagination!

The Dubai Space and Astronomy Festival (DSAF) is the first of its kind festival that celebrates the sciences with fact and fiction hand in hand. From mind blowing images from around the Universe, to even dressing up as your favorite science fiction character, DSAF is the place to come for fun filled family activities. 

Participating in DSAF brings you to several exhibits, galleries, workshops, interactive games and events, Sci-Fi Comic Con, movie screenings and so much more. Did we mention the parade? Yeah, there is a parade too!

Participating Sectors

While we encourage anyone with unique concepts to participate in this festival, there are 3 major sectors that would be taking the highlight of the festival; Tourism Sector, Government Entities, and Education Sector. The different participating sectors will be setting up their stalls, participating in the parade, along with their decorated vehicles. 

Tourism Sector

Government Sector

Tourism Sector

Festival Content

The festival is lined with content that will keep the visitors occupied for hours, if not days, bringing in something for just about everyone. 


Exhibits from around the world will be part of this section, from mock-ups of actual space crafts to the accurate replicas of ancient astronomical tools. The festival will also host, for the first time ever, the “One Mile Science Walk“, which, as the name suggests, will be a mile long section of exhibits


We live in a wonderful universe that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. The Space and Astronomy Gallery will visually present answers to some of the questions we have all asked ourselves. Watch how the universe was formed from Big Bang to now, see how the universe expanded from the smallest star and how our solar system was formed, explore the universe through the eyes of artists through their rendition and understanding of space and astronomy, and much more!

Interactive Workshops and Events

Interactive workshop and events will also be a part of this festival for all those who wish to further develop their knowledge and skills in this field of science. Something as simple as creating your own aliens for the young ones, to meteorite hunting for the adventurous, to astrophotography for the camera enthusiasts. The festival will have a slice of the activities cake for just about everyone!

Grand Parade

Step out and make way for the Grand Parade. Stake out your spot among the thousands of locals and visitors who line the route. Soak up the energy and excitement while watching the procession of floats, handcrafted by participants, businesses and community groups, as they showcase their developments and innovations

Sci-Fi Comic Con and Movie Screenings

Participate in Dubai’s first Sci-Fi Comic Con and be part of non-stop panels, workshops, and amazing main stage activities for everyone to enjoy. There will be movie screenings as well, where we will then also discuss how scientifically accurate they actually are!

All elements included in the exhibits, gallery and the parade will be then moved to their new home, into the Space City, where they will continue to be used and enjoyed for many more years to come. 


Be part of this annual movement of innovation and scientific excitement brought to you like never before

As all space explorers, we believe that collaboration is the only way to move forward. We, therefore, call on to all sectors of the market, all organizations and entities from around the world to come and participate with us in this unique representation of science, space and astronomy. 

Come and join hands with us to reap the benefits and enjoy the success of this brand new adventure!

A complete kit for sponsorship and participation is available with us to be provided upon request.

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