Pet Cats Welcome Guests to Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

December 17, 2019

Visitors of the Al Thuraya Astronomy Center are surprised by a group of adorable cats, who greet them at the entrance that is surrounded by beautiful flowers and accompany them to the entrance gate.


One of the visitors said that it was his children who drew his attention to this, as he noticed that these cats dealt kindly with everyone, and were racing to welcome them, which led him to ask about them with the management of the center.


A staff member of the center said that these cats were raised from a young age at the center and that the staff are committed to feeding and caring for them. The member also mentioned that the cats are familiar with dealing with the public. Despite the availability of traditional and electronic games at the center for children, they love playing with these pet cats.


The Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is preparing to receive the public on Thursday morning, December 26, 2019, to observe a rare astronomical event; The phenomenon of the Partial Solar Eclipse. An event that starts from Wednesday evening, and includes a Planetarium Show, an opportunity to camp in the center, telescope observation of the eclipse and planets, and many more interesting programs. So for those who wish to register can do so through, and be part of the spectacular event.


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