An exciting program to safely observe the solar eclipse at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center

December 14, 2019

Dubai Astronomy Group ready to receive the public and give it a wonderful opportunity to observe closely the next eclipse of the morning of Thursday, December 26, 2019, in a very exciting and innovative way to be an incredible experience that will be told to future generations about a phenomenon that will not be repeated until after 83 years!

The group’s CEO, Mr. Hasan Al Hariri, said that the audience will receive free solar glasses to witness the partial eclipse phenomenon in all it’s stages, The solar glasses protect your eyes so never look at the Sun, eclipsed or otherwise, without proper eye protection. These glasses are the safest way to watch the solar eclipse. Which is happening from 6 to 9 AM.

The fun goes on for the audience at Al Thuraya Astronomy Center in Mushrif Park in Dubai, with many accompanying programs starting from Wednesday evening, including a planetarium show, an opportunity to camp in the center, telescope observation of the eclipse, a discussion session, and many other surprises, so if you are wishing to attend you can register via our website, and be a part of this incredible event.

The upcoming solar eclipse phenomenon in the Arab Gulf region has not been witnessed in the UAE for more than 172 years! which gives it great importance and an event you should not miss.

The Al Thuraya Astronomy Center is the first of its kind in the country as it includes one of the largest public observatories in the UAE, it also contains a library, exhibitions, and astronomical exhibits and Astro cinema, and it serves as an educational reference for students and for the public and astronomy enthusiasts.

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