Contribute for A Telescope for Every School

Telescope for every school


We believe astronomy is very strong subject which touches the heart of every person on earth who ever his despite his gender or race or color or age.

With that believe we like to give chance of open our children eye to the Universe.

Gifting telescope to schools mean lot: it support the curriculum, make sense of why we need physics or chemistry or math why we study in first place. All of these things make more sense and logic once we look at sky and start wondering about it mysteries and start process of discovery.


Our objectives:

-          Gift a telescope every school on earth

-          Start on small scale with UAE then the world

-          Open door for contributions and collaboration



-          Marketing the initiative all over media and news

-          Send messages to schools

-          Seminars on how to get involved

Criteria to qualify for gift:

-          School have to present program of utilizing the scope

-          School must commit to expose the astronomy and use telescope to every student

-          School are encouraged to consult with DAG for support and help on every level

-          School are encouraged to initiate open after school activities

-          Schools are encouraged to participate in local or international celebration, activity or competitions